Boyd & Blair Distillery
Boyd & Blair Distillery Lemon & Lavender label concept for a naturally flavored vodka selection.
University of Miami
University of Miami Development of event material for the Consumer Neuroscience Symposium at the University of Miami - project included printed and digital material. UM''s design elements such as color and fonts were chosen to reinforce branding.
Fourtous Wine Selection
Fourtous Wine Selection Label concepts for Fourtous Selected Wines.
Dish Network Nationwide Campaign (U.S.A.)
Dish Network Nationwide Campaign (U.S.A.) Campaign implementation for Dish Network - project included print and digital media, both in English and Spanish.
Orion Resort Residences
Orion Resort Residences Logo conceptualizaton and branding development making use of print media, online marketing, collateral material.
Delta Vacations Catalog Line
Delta Vacations Catalog Line Development of printed material for Delta Vacations - included press management and distribution control for travel agencies nationwide (U.S.A).
TimeWarner Cable
TimeWarner Cable Development and design implementation of campaign for TimeWarner Cable (West Coast/USA branch) - project included print and digital media, both in English and Spanish. Language experimentation was tested as a way to communicate with second generation Spanish speakers.
Mare Nostrum Extra Virgen Olive Oil
Mare Nostrum Extra Virgen Olive Oil Label concepts for Mare Nostrum Extra Virgen Olive Oil.
Net 10
Net 10 Campaign implementation for Net 10 - project included print and digital media, in Spanish.
TelCel America
TelCel America Campaign implementation for TelCel America - project included print and digital media, in Spanish.
H & R Block
H & R Block Campaign implementation for H & R Block (nationwide U.S.A.) - project included print and digital media, both in English and Spanish.
Falco Hair Salon & Beauty Spa
Falco Hair Salon & Beauty Spa Logo conceptualizaton and branding development using social media, print media, collateral material and dedicated events.
Hypr Brands
Hypr Brands Marketing collateral fo Hypr Brands.
Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Regent Seven Seas Cruises Development of campaign for Regent Seven Seas Cruises - project included print and digital media.
Latin Finance Magazine & Events
Latin Finance Magazine & Events Development of visual concepts, mock-ups and presentations for the magazine, and corporate / consumer / trade-related promotional material.
Equilibrium The Pilates Studio
Equilibrium The Pilates Studio Logo conceptualization and its application on collateral material and website development. Plan and support e-marketing activities including email campaigns, webinars, web banners and micro-sites.
Latin Finance (Editorial)
Latin Finance (Editorial) Design editorial pages for monthly publication LatinFinance.
Link Cosmetics Packaging
Link Cosmetics Packaging Conceptualization of cosmetic''s packaging line utilizing graphic patterns - project included brand development and implementation through social media, email campaigns, print media
Atkins Structural Design and Assessments
Atkins Structural Design and Assessments Worldwide branding implementation (branch U.S.A.), maintaining and enforcing the Atkins branding guidelines.
Florida Paddling Trails Association
Florida Paddling Trails Association Rebranding for Florida Paddling Trails Association; our challenge was to portray the variety of paddling sports (symbolized by the paddler), the state waterways and the magnificent Florida water color!
Future Vacations
Future Vacations Marketing collateral for Future Vacations Luxury Edition.
Svitzer International Golf Tournament
Svitzer International Golf Tournament Development of event material for Danish company Svitzer - project included signage, printed and digital material.
Ordyx POS
Ordyx POS Marketing collateral for Florida's most innovative restaurant POS services.
Continental Vacations - Luxury Travel
Continental Vacations - Luxury Travel Marketing collateral for Continental Vacations - Luxury edition.

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“A very special thank you for all your efforts and hard work on this project. I feel we may have made you a little crazy but we all appreciate you and your loyalty to always providing us quality work.”

Kerry Kline,
Director of Sales & Marketing at Alinea Hair International

“Flavia and her team have been nothing less than outstanding and incredible to have met such short time frames!”

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Designarie is a collective design firm of talented communicators, programmers, copywriters, illustrators and photographers collaborating to create innovative and responsive solutions for our clients.

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“Flavia is one of the most dedicated, loyal and creative designers that I have had the fortune to work with. Her technical skill level and professionalism are her best qualities.
I have hired Flavia in the past and will continue to do so as long as she will allow.
The clients she has worked with have sung her praises long after she was gone and it is truly my pleasure to have worked with her.”

Rhonda Martinez,
Senior Recruiter at ITalent LLC

“I love your creativity and adventurous spirit. It's a joy working with you on my graphics, especially the brains behind #LookUp.”

Heidi Siefkas,
Author of When All Balls Drop & With New Eyes

“I am happy to say that we like the first layout so much, I am not even going to request any changes before we show it to Fairmont (Hotels) on Wednesday. Perhaps they will want to see a few tweaks and I will let you know if they do. Thanks for hitting it spot on!”

Jennifer Young,
PA Distilleries



Our multilingual staff has the qualification and ability to produce in several languages and for different markets across the globe - notably we have worked with English-, Portuguese-, Spanish- and German-speaker markets.

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She brings an excellent combination of work ethic and positive attitude to every endeavor. In my opinion, one
of her greatest strengths is to be detail-oriented.

She is always paying attention to details and making sure
to deliver high quality work. Two thumbs up to her!”

Cristiane Miranda,
Project Manager at Zumba Fitness LLC 


"I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity.

Great design is born of those two things."

Lindor Leader, Graphic Designer